Participating Authors

These authors have generously consented to donate all proceeds from their listed Kindle books for the week of February 12 – 18, 2012. ┬áPlease support these authors year round. ┬áSome of the authors will be donating proceeds from some of their books all year to breast cancer research and awareness.

Without Shawn and Missy there would be no Affiliate Summit, and this wouldn’t have gotten organized.
Shawn Collins

Without Missy Ward we wouldn’t have AMBG to donate our funds to and know they would be distributed where they say they are.
Missy Ward

Jim is one of the most inspirational people I know, he said yes without hesitation when I discussed this project with him. Jim also provided book covers for some of our authors from his Digital Book Launch site.
Jim Kukral

Finished a book he forgot he started, just for this fundraiser.
Billy Kay

Amazing support, last minute help with the website concept, website social integration, facebook page, all the things he does best and certainly didn’t have to do for this project, but it did it without being asked and without hesitation.
Dave Cupples

Said yes without hesitation, finished two challenging manuscripts to get them included to raise money for the boobies. Todd likes to support the boobies.
Todd Farmer

Deborah Carney

Loved the idea, said “why do you need another domain” and just supported the whole project doing whatever I asked.
Vinny O’Hare

Supporter, podcaster, editor.. she does it all.
Amy Ely

Smart marketer that allows us to use his brilliant content to raise money for the cause.
Eric Nagel

A simple comment in a conversation “Why don’t we all give the proceeds from our books for a week to AMGB?” She started something big!
Tricia Meyer

Editor, daughter, does what ever she’s asked and more.
Liz Fogg

When we created the new domain we had a header, site color suggestions and banners within hours. Plus her awesome children’s books included in the fundraiser.
Leslie Nazarian

Got his first book ready just for this, and has several book projects now underway.
Alec Ababon

From our New York City Affiliate Meetup group that offered his book without hesitation.
Alan Loren

Emcee of Affiliate Summit Central in Austin, Heather shares her book of smoothies to make all the authors healthy.
Heather Romiti

A last minute addition from an author that rushed to get a book published, and generously added his book to the fundraiser.
Shawn Ingram

And the rest of our generous authors:
Eric Carney

Daniel Fogg

Marie Moorman

Elise Beckett

We want to thank all of our authors for supporting each other, and for their time and energy.