I have an amazing story to share about why this site exists. I recently posted a brief tutorial about how you can create your own books and sell them on Amazon. I am happy to report back that I have a group of people that have rallied together to support a cause, and in doing so are all creating books that they didn’t really think they could. Even my grandson published a book, on his 12th birthday.

This all was accomplished because I was talking to Tricia Meyer about publishing transcripts of podcasts and webinars. She said “what if we have a week where all the book proceeds are donated to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer or something”. That sparked an idea that lead to an in person powwow at Affiliate Summit West in January 2012, where a group of about 12 of us got together and pledged to get a book written and published, and to donate the book sales profits for the week of Valentine’s Day. Many of the people at the meeting are walking in or supporting Missy Ward’s team that is walking in NYC in October 2012.

As a group, we have been able to help each other accomplish our goal of getting books up on Kindle in time for our first fundraiser, February 12 – 18, 2012. We are currently working on marketing materials to support each others books not only during the fundraising week, but in the weeks and months afterwards. As a group we will be able to combine our skills and efforts to support and encourage each other to continue to publish, share their accumulated knowledge on a variety of subjects whether it is work related, fiction, photo essays or poetry. Everyone is an expert at something, or passionate enough about something to write a short or long book about.

With ebooks such as the ones we are writing for the Kindle you don’t need to have a set number of pages or words. Your book won’t look “skinny” on the bookshelf next to the others. Short stories sell just as well as novels, short, focused business books sell just as well as the 200 page multi-topic book, and maybe even better. We are beginning to be a nation of people that like our information in manageable chunks instead of in huge books where we have to have multiple bookmarks to find the info we want.

We, as a group, are able to support and communicate these ideas and change the way we think about book publishing. Our group has reviewed and edited books for each other, we have designed book covers for each other, we have encouraged and nagged each other to get our books uploaded. We have taken the time to do what is needed to make the entire group successful.

This site came about to feature not just one week of fundraising, but to feature authors with books that are dedicated to donating the proceeds to Affiliate Marketers Give Back and the Avon Walk. Plus we plan to have more book sales fundraisers in the future. We hope you will join us.

~ Deborah Carney