Support Breast Cancer Research and Read a Good Book

The affiliate marketing industry is known for its fundraising efforts on behalf of the Avon Walk for the Cure, which benefits breast cancer research and support.

Join us in helping spread the word about Affiliate Marketers Give Back and Books for Boobies. Support us by buying just one book. Don’t have a Kindle? You can still purchase Kindle books and read them on your PC, MAC, iPad, Android Tablets or other devices with free apps from Amazon. The link is on every Kindle book page.

Books About Business:

Internet Marketing From the Real Experts (Shawn Collins, Missy Ward, and The Gang of 88) Collection of affiliate, email, blogging, podcasting, video, search engine, and social network rock stars that break down the how and why of Internet marketing in a clear, easy to understand way.
The only print book in this book fundraiser is: It’s All About the Cookies (Mary Poiley, Missy Ward, and Jen Goode) A mouth-watering collection of recipes and thought-provoking insights affiliate marketers learned on their road to success – an interesting read and a wonderful addition to your own kitchen. There is also an ebook edition here.
Affiliate Marketing Then and Now
This is a transcript of a round table discussion about how affiliate marketing got started and how it has evolved with some of the people that have been in it since the beginning. Are they in the same place they were when they started? Where do they see the industry going? Throughout the discussion there are questions from people that were able to submit questions via a chat function.

Panelists Todd Farmer, Todd Crawford, Connie Arnold, Scott Jangro and Brian Littleton have a lively discussion, history you probably don’t know, as they answer some burning questions about the beginnings of our awesome industry. Our industry is so young that we want to capture the thoughts about it’s growth from some of the leaders in the industry.

No one currently in our industry wanted to grow up to be an affiliate or affiliate manager, the jobs didn’t exist. But now, there are many young people whose parents are in the industry and they kinda would like to do what Mom and/or Dad does.

Inspirational and Photographs:


Of Roses and Love (Floral Beauty) (Shawn Ingram) Roses are one of the greatest of the floral creations. They are timeless in beauty and forever tied to romance. Of Roses and Love has been created in the format of the old print coffee table photo books combining photographs of roses with quotes and verses related to love.

To donate directly to the Missy Ward Avon Walk Team, click on this link and donate to your favorite walker or to the team in general. Thank you in advance for your support!

Sweet Indulgences

Sweet Indulgences (Heather Romiti) Sweet Indulgences offers Classic Dessert and Girl Scout Cookie flavored Smoothies, along with Holiday Favorites. These smoothies are especially helpful if you still want to enjoy your favorite desserts but are trying to cut back on fat and carbohydrates.

Buddha Beach: Sedona, Arizona (The Southwest Gallery Series)

Buddha Beach: Sedona, Arizona (The Southwest Gallery Series) (Deborah Carney, Liz Fogg, Alec Ababon) As I (Deborah Carney) was photographing the tiny (and not so tiny) rock structures I knew they had to be paired with quotes and sayings from Buddha. I hope you will enjoy this journey through Buddha Beach paired with some insightful quotations. The photographs in this book are taken by myself, my daughter Liz, and her son Alec. I was going to identify who took what, but I don’t want to detract from the beauty of the images and the sayings they are paired with. I will say that I am proud to say that each of us contributed and individual attribution isn’t necessary. All the sayings in the book are attributed to Buddha.